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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cagayan de Oro- Camiguin Philippine Tour: Discovering Camiguin

Cagayan de Oro - Camiguin, Philippine Tour
Day 2

After a thrilling whitewater adventure in Day 1, we continued our Cagayan de Oro - Camiguin, Philippine Tour by embarking to CAMIGUIN.

Camiguin is an island province in Northern Mindanao, Philippines famous for beautiful beaches, ( white island, etc) scenic mountain views (Mt. Hibok-hibok, etc), refreshing springs and waterfalls and famous tourist spots ( sunken cemetery, etc). That is why we need to see it for ourselves. And so are you! :)

We left downtown CDO early in the morning and boarded a jeepney going to Agora Market. Along the way, we saw the Lim Ket Kai Mall. The driver was kind enough to point us where the bus terminal we're looking for is.

In the terminal, a vendor showed us the Bachelor Express. Unfortunately, he insisted that we buy something from him. For him to leave us, we just bought a bottle of mineral water.

The Bachelor Express is a yellow-colored bus bound for Butuan City that will take us to Balingoan. You can choose between the ordinary (Php 89) and the aircon type (Php 110). Travel time to Balingoan took us about one and a half hour along zigzag roads. The best seats going to Balingoan is in the left side of the bus if you want a better view of the blue sea. We were apprehensive that we might pass by the port. Good thing, there is a designated bus stop in Balingoan.

From the bus terminal in Balingoan, you can walk to the Balingoan Port/pier, some 200 meters across the terminal. Or you can ride a tricycle for 10 Php per person like in our case.

At the gate, you will see the booth where ferry ticket is sold for Php 135 each. Inside the port, 5 pesos were charged for terminal fee for both us. From Balingoan Port, the ferry will take you to the port of Benoni, in the town of Mahinog, Camiguin.

The ferry that would take us to Camiguin was boarding a truck when we entered. Passengers are seated on the second deck. Seats are available on the side of the ferry if you like a closer view of the sea and enjoy the sea breeze more.
Camiguin from afar
We set foot on Camiguin after an hour where we were met by Frank. He will be our guide and driver in Camiguin as prearranged the night before.

First stop was the Kan-anan sa Parola for a quick lunch. Food was great and quite affordable. Php 160 pesos for the 3 of us. Next, we checked in at Pabuas Cottages to leave our luggage and proceeded with the tour. The room was detached from the main house. It was spacious with 1 double bed and 2 single bed, aircon, cable TV and bathroom.

doms & mye at Pabuas Cottages, Camiguin
Frank then brought us to the Katibawasan Falls. I think the falls is more than 200 feet, cascading down to a greenish pool of water covering a rocky bottom. The falls is surrounded by boulders, shruberries and trees. Our guide shared that rapelling is also conducted here. Visitors are allowed to swim. A change room is provided near the entrance but none when you troop down to the pool of water below. 15 pesos are charged per person for maintenance of this tourist spot.
Mye and doms at Katibawasan Falls entrance
Katibawasan Falls in CamiguinAfter a short swim, we went around the souvenir stores found at the entrance.

From there, we proceed to the Walkway to the old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. The Stations of the Cross were put up from the foot of the mountain up. This place is popular during the Holy Week celebration as Catholics revisit the passion and suffering of Jesus especially those who have panata (annual vows). Walking along stations to stations up to the top of the mountain is a good penance. Initially, I was confident I could finish all of the stations and take pictures of all them. But by the 3rd station, I was already tired.
First station of the Cross
After a short attack on the souvenir store near the walkway, we then went to the famous Sunken Cemetery. A remnant of the town cemetery buried by the volcanic eruption in the 1800's. It is actually allowed to cross the sea and reach the cross. But decided not to as it is high tide and sun is so high up.
Sunken Cemetery
Just some short distance from the Sunken Cemetery is the Old Guiob Church ruins. The walls of this old church is made up of sea corrals as pointed out by our guide. There is a small chapel inside if you want to say a prayer.

Off we went our way again. Along the road, we stopped by a Spanish-style house where natural soda is flowing out. Thinking it was like Sprite of 7-up, we tasted it. It was warm and taste different from water.
Natural Soda Water in Camiguin
Next stop is the Ardent Hot Springs. Entrance is only 30 pesos. It features several pools of different depths and a 39° hot pool. We saw quite a number of foreign tourist enjoying the dip. Maybe its because its not yet peak season that we were not charged for the cottage.
Ardent Hot Springs in Camiguin
Then Frank brought us back to our cottage in Pabuas. Guests are allowed to request cooked food but we decided to have our dinner at the restaurant of Paras beach resort. It is the nearest beach resort to White Island and is connected directly to the sea. Dinner was great but a bit pricey here. After some billiards, we decided to retire for the evening.
Our Expenses for Day 2 :
  • Transportation from CDO to Camiguin - Php 523.00
  • Mulitcab Rental And Tour - Php 1, 000 ( Inclusive of fetch from port, Tour & back to Pabuas Cottages. We added Php 100 peso tip.)
  • Entrance Fees Total - Php 100
  • Food - Php 682
  • Accomodations in Pabuas Cottages - Php 700
  • Miscellaneous - Php 140
  • Total - Php 3255
Kuya Frank - 0920.5405582
Pabuas Cottages
Proprietor: Emma Pabuas
Tel: (0088) 387.9033
CP: 0906.4152557


Anonymous,  August 6, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

How many people can fit in the multi-cab? The rates I've been hearing for hiring a multi-cab for the tour is P800 and P1500, did you have to bargain?

Where did you rent the multi-cab? Are they available in the port? Or do we have to call ahead?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I'm researching for my trip :)

doms September 14, 2009 at 2:39 AM  

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

My gf was the one who negotiated with Kuya Frank. The price they agreed upon was 1K. We liked Kuya Frank's service that we added 100 as tip.

His multicab can comfortably seat 6 people plus 1 in front. Try to contact him using the no. in the blog post above.

Enjoy your trip. ;)

Anonymous,  February 3, 2011 at 4:20 AM  


do you have more pictures of the rooms in Pabuas?


Anonymous,  February 9, 2011 at 2:30 PM  

try to look Facebook Pabua Cottages Camiguin.

Anonymous,  March 27, 2012 at 1:38 PM  

have been in camiguin, we contact ms.jennifer a young fellow in camiguin for a counrtyside tour. she also have a cottage near paras beach resort for as low as 1,000 pesos good for 5persons. ms.jennifer mobile number: 09065321260(globe). Ate jennifer has also a multicab in camiguin 1,500 free pick up at benoni port. she acts as our tour guide during the tour in the island.


Pabua's Cottages October 5, 2012 at 6:52 PM  

Thanks for staying at our place.
We now also have a website where you can book or inquire directly.

Pabua's Cottages December 20, 2012 at 5:58 AM  

Thanks for staying with us.
We have a new website where you can find all info and also a booking form.

You can also send us an email:

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