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Monday, March 7, 2011

Can You Travel Using PayPal Solely?

I know Paypal is a payment facility for online transactions but I become curious at the idea of using Paypal for travel.

Have you used your paypal account for travel?

Travel via PayPal

I received an e-mail today about how paypal can make our travel transactions easy. But I wonder if if anyone can travel using Paypal alone.

Airline transportation would be a breeze with Paypal. Maybe if you transact with a travel agency that accepts payment via Paypal, that can be considered traveling solely using Paypal. But I don't see yet any significant advantage of paypal over credit cards and of course cash.

It is sure nice to imagine going places transacting online via Paypal. That could only be a reality for me if I can accumulate more than $25.60 dollars that my account currently shows.


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