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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sea Travel via Super Ferry's Todo-Todo Sail Sale

Super Ferry is the country's largest shipping company and is offering discounted tickets to those wishing to tour the Philippines by ship via its Todo-todo Sail Sale promo.

Sea travel is an enjoyable experience when the sea is calm allowing longer time to enjoy the seas, the islands and other tourist attractions.

In this ticket sale, Super Ferry is offering Php 588 only for a trip from Manila to the visayas islands or vice versa. Also, it will only be Php 888 to travel from Manila to Mindano or vice versa.

The discounted tickets will only be sold until tomorrow, April 6, 2011 but the actual travel can be from May 1 - June 30, 2011.

For those who isn't decided yet and will not be able to purchase the discounted tickets on this sale, Super Ferry offer year-round TRIPID Fares. That would only be Php 750 for Manila-Visayas or vice-versa and Php 1150 to Manila-Mindanao or vice versa.

Prices mentioned are only of the tickets. Other fees are not included.

I already rode a ferry boats to Bataan & Camiguin. Also, some small bancas. And lucky for me, the trip was enjoyable. It was rather short trips so the sights are limited. But I did enjoyed seeing your destination from a far, and seeing it closer and closer.

I would sure love to be on big ships ala-Titanic on longer sea travel. From what I heard, spending time inside the ship is an experience in itself and view would be nice in calm weather. It presents longer time to take enjoy beautiful place, take more photos and simply chat with companions during the journey. I envy those who have provinces to go to during vacation and been accustomed to sea travel.

Barring being sea-sick or rough waters, I pray that I may be able to tour the Philippines via sea travel in the near future.


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