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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Avoiding Scammers Make Touring the Philippines More Fun and Much Safer

Summer is a great time to tour the Philippines. Make the experience more fun and much safer by being vigilant about unscrupulous people trying to scam their way to your money and valuables. listed scams to avoid when you travel. The list is a good read for all tourist and is applicable when touring any city. One can never be too prepared for these scammers. Kindly check it out and review even if you pride yourself as the most ready tourist ever.

What is lamentable is the fact that scammers have robbed away our immediate trust to friendly locals. Right now, it is hard to distinguish if the friendly local is genuinely welcoming you or just after your valuables and money.

I urge my kababayans to display the trait that endeared Filipinos to almost all tourists - HOSPITALITY. And I mean genuine hospitality, not only aimed for foreigners but moreso for our fellow kababayans as well. After all, local tourism can really help our country develop.

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