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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Escape This Scorching Summer for A While, Take a Plunge at Public Swimming Pools Within Metro Manila

This summer is very, very hot. Cold showers are refreshing but do not last. But why limit yourself to your own bathroom? Let's go a for swim without leaving the metro.

Thanks to GMANews, we can all enjoy a good swim and relax against the sweltering summer heat without going that far through list their list of public swimming pools within Metro Manila.

Among the list, I am thinking of inviting my girlfriend to the swimming pool in Pasig City Rainforest Park which is near her place. Or if she'd brave to travel further, to the La Meso Ecopark which is near mine.

Also, let us all make swimming at public pools more enjoyable for everyone by remembering the following:

  • Always follow the lifeguard's directions. He/she knows better (really).
  • Always follow the local pool rules.
  • Walk on the sides of the pool, don't run. More than one kid did break a limb slipping on the wet ground.
  • Don't dive without proper supervision by an experienced swimmer or coach. Diving should always be done in the deep end of the pool, not in the shallow end or somewhere in between.
  • Avoid to go to the pool if you have the flu, open wounds or warts. You don't want to contaminate other swimming pool visitors.
  • Wear a swim cap if you (still) have hair. This avoids that the pool's filters become clogged or that people cut themselves on a hair when they dive off from a starting block.
  • Only wear your swim suit at the pool. Don't go to the pool with a suit or shorts that you have worn all day.
  • Don't enter the pool being dirty. Always shower off first. The pool is not your bathtub.
  • Avoid swimming underwater while holding your breath, especially after hyperventilating. This can lead to shallow water blackout and drowning.

You can read more about proper behavior while swimming in public pools here.

The funny thing that I realize today is that maybe we need not look further for places to go to this summer. It might just be around your neighborhood corner. :)


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